Friday June 2nd, 2022 Market Update with Ryan Bouchey – So Bad It’s Good?

Ryan Bouchey, Co-Founder of New Age Wealth, CFP, CPA takes you through the most important market moving events that are shaping today’s investing landscape. In this video we’ll discuss Microsoft’s forward guidance, Jaime Dimon’s bombshell warning, Fed, jobs, and much more. Is Bad News Good News?   One of the biggest shocks this week was […]

Who Else Wants Peace of Mind in Times of Uncertainty?

Who Else Wants Peace of Mind in Times of Uncertainty? Five ways working with a financial advisor can give you peace of mind during market volatility You may have heard this quote from Mike Tyson before: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!”  I’ve been thinking about it a lot over […]

The 4-Step Framework to Determine Roth vs. Traditional Retirement Savings

The 4-Step Framework to Determine Roth vs. Traditional Retirement Savings These are the biggest considerations when guiding a client between a Roth vs. Traditional retirement account A question we often get asked from clients – should I be contributing to a Roth or Traditional retirement account? Like many conversations around personal finance, the answer tends […]

Keeping it All in Perspective

Keeping it All in Perspective In times like these, it’s important to take a step back and keep things in perspective With the market selloff leading into the weekend, it’s become harder and harder to keep the markets in perspective. When you have a 4-5% pullback in a single day (Thursday), sentiment becomes extremely nervous. […]

Why Our Behavior Drives Portfolio Performance

Behavior vs. Performance Attention –  If you intended to read Todd’s article “It’s Darkest Before Dawn – Please Click Here.  I (Todd) put the incorrect link in the email sent Friday night the 29th.  Long week!  Thanks, Todd.   And now, please continue to Ryan’s excellent article….   When it comes to long-term portfolio performance, […]

Last Minute Tax Strategies and Planning Opportunities

Last Minute Tax Strategies and Future Planning Opportunities It’s not too late to take advantage of 2021, but more importantly to set the stage for 2022 It’s tax time again. And while I’m sure MANY of you have already filed your taxes, if you’re like me and my wife (two CPA’s by the way), we […]

Are You in Financial Alignment?

Are You in Financial Alignment? Why being in financial alignment can make all the difference to your long-term goals Maybe one of the simplest concepts in personal finance and investing, yet one of the hardest to stick to. It’s not for lack of trying. Everyone has heard about the 60/40 portfolio construction (and whether that’s […]

Why Patience Pays

Why Patience Pays Why planning for the long-term and having patience pays in these confusing economic times When taking a step back and looking at the markets as a whole over the last 12-plus years, there’s this concept that the “easy money” has been made. The run up from the lows in March of 2009 […]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House? What factors should you be considering in todays housing market I hear this question often, many times from clients who are in the market. I also ask myself this everyday. Like many Americans, my family and I are struggling to find a home in today’s market. Lack […]

Market Update – March 4th, 2022​

Market Update – March 4th, 2022 Hello Clients and Investors, I hope this message finds you all well and you’re enjoying the weekend. As we enter the second week of the Russian – Ukrainian conflict, there appears to be less hope for a quick resolution. Depending on how you read into the news and updates, […]