Client Report – Market Update – PDF Download – Portfolio Adjustments, Inflation, Recession, and Earnings.

Dear Investor and Traders,

I hope this finds you well. We just finished a market and portfolio report for clients of New Age Wealth and I figured I would forward along to you. Some of the sensitive details are omitted, but it will give you an idea of the client experience here at New Age and I can almost promise you will find value in here. The report is attached and I hope you find it helpful.

….What a difference 33 trading days can make. June 16th marked the low (so far) in the S&P 500 and since then we’ve rallied 14.5% higher as I type, including a 12-day A-B-C pullback in June and into July as the S&P 500 chart below illustrates.

Have we seen the lows? There are no certainties in speculating and investing, but my best guess is…yes, the June lows are secure, PROVIDED:
We overcome the June 2nd high of 4177
There are no horrific geopolitical events in Ukraine, Taiwan, or elsewhere.
Our actions taken in your portfolio reflect that belief as we deployed approximately 2/3rd’s of the available cash in the New Age Alpha and New Age Tactical Dividend portfolios……

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