Investment Process

Active portfolio management led by Todd Gordon, Partner, Director of Investments, and CNBC contributor

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There is no one size fits all approach here. Each client at New Age Wealth has different beliefs, risk tolerances, life circumstances and goals.

Our 4 Step process

Navigate the Modern Markets

Ryan and Todd developed New Age Wealth Advisors to service a select group of accomplished clients with customized financial planning, tax strategy, and portfolio management needs.

Step 1

Recognizing Challenges

At New Age Wealth we believe that too many wealth advisors and portfolio managers are stuck using an analog approach in the new digital economy.

We see the world as undergoing a digital revolution that is redefining the way we interact socially and professionally. Technology is evolving and being integrated into our lives faster than ever.  The pandemic certainly accelerated that move, but it was already well underway prior to the onset of the pandemic.  The increased adoption of disruptive technologies in all sectors of the US economy is increasing the quantity and speed of information flow, as well as challenging traditional valuation models.  As a result, investors are faced with many challenges to understand, adopt, and invest in globalized and modernized companies that are disrupting and driving the financial markets. 


Step 2

Assess Current Market Environment

We believe the analog approach of passive index buy and hold investing is antiquated.  We employ an active portfolio management approach that includes careful analysis of each individual security….
…held in our portfolio, frequent rebalancing, with a major emphasis on risk management is what sets us apart. Equity markets have been in a historic bull run since the pandemic low, and as far back as the global financial crisis low.  Can they go higher?  Absolutely.  Can they go significantly lower?  Absolutely.  Nobody knows the future.  Today’s portfolio manager must demonstrate a high IQ, but more importantly a strong EQ; emotional intelligence.  In the financial markets managing one’s own emotions, understanding the futility of trying to predict the future, while employing a disciplined approach to assessing the current market landscape is our mandate. Doing everything we can to understand current market conditions by following our process gives us the confidence to concentrate portfolio allocations apart from the masses and their prevailing market consensus of what “should be” happening.  Often there exists a void between what should be what is actually happening in the markets.

Step 3

The Bottom-Up Approach

Our Co-Founder and Head of Investments Todd Gordon takes a top-down approach to portfolio management in the equity, fixed income, option, and crypto markets.

Our process begins with an understanding of the global macro flows that drive the 4 major asset classes; fixed income, equity, commodity, currency, and many believe crypto may become the 5th major asset class. Following an assessment of the global macro environment, we analyze sector rotation that helps us assess which stage of the business cycle we may be in and how progressed a current growth or contraction phase may be. Identifying sectors leading the broaders averages will help us pinpoint companies with the strongest fundamental and technical characteristics that will likely lead their respective industry and sectors. From that pool of candidates we carefully screen and select the companies to include in our portfolios that helps us express our narrative in the current market environment that could offer relative value.

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Step 4

A Customized Portfolio Allocation

At New Age Wealth Advisors we maintain 4 portfolios that are managed using the process described above

After the initial discovery phase of getting to know a client on a personal level, understanding their tolerance for risk and desired reward, and developing an individual planning and tax strategy action plan, we will recommend an allocation mix of the 4 portfolios.  A majority of our clients fit within one of these allocation models to meet their needs and goals.