The Groundhog Saw His Shadow – 6 More Weeks of Volatility?!

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Is this a dead cat bounce and we’re returning to lows, or did we already see the lows and we need to buy any pullback going forward? Let’s take a look at a few key market internals including US treasury yield spreads, vol SKEW, AAII investor sentiment, and finally the technical position of the S&P 500 to piece together the clues and figure a path forward.

At the end we introduce a new portfolio offering to clients of New Age Wealth Advisors. We’re calling it the ‘Hedged Equity Portfolio’ and it’s designed to provide equity market exposure, but with option hedges to create ‘guardrails’ to attempt minimize to further market downside. It may be also be helpful to clients who are holding fixed income, but actually losing ground due to inflation.

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