Video Update – Listening To What The Market Is Telling You, And Portfolio Updates

This is the kind of market that fosters wild debates over all aspects of the market be it technical, fundamental, or some other corner of the market. So many with so little say seem to be doing an awful lot of talking making the future even more that uncertain. As Willy Wonka said, “ should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about”. Let’s take the market apart piece by piece and assess what we know, listen to what’s being said while filtering the noise, build a foundation, formulate a plan, and move forward. I recently updated and rebalanced the portfolios for our clients and will show you some of the specifics of those allocations  

MEDIA ALERT – Todd will be on CNBC’s PowerLunch at approximately 2:45 PM EST on Tuesday October 4th, 2022.

Video Content

**OPENING – 0:00-2:40** 1 year anniversary for RIA , CNBC tomorrow Sept 4th, 2022, New quarter is here, been doing a lot more listening than talking. monitoring the markets on the smaller time frames


**ECONOMIC  Data – 2:40 -5:06** ISM reports this week, NFP Friday, next week is core and headline CPI Thursday and Friday.  Housing – US S&P Case- Shiller Home Prices – biggest drop, but US new home sales jump, price driven? 


**TECHNICALS – 5:06-14:33** NDX weekly trendline,  NYSE TICK / SPX overlay, S&P 500 and Apple seasonality 


**SECTOR ROTATION + RELATIVE STRENGTH  – 14:33 -20:11 ** Consumer discretionary – continues to out-perform despite ‘inflationary economy’, financials, growth / value ratio, consumer discretionary vs consumer staples   


**MACRO MARKET PRESSURING STOCKS  – 20:11-26:35** Fixed income markets, 5 and 10 year TIPS dropping, 10 yr -3 mos spread steepening again,  Fed Funds Futures, big change is looking out to March, terminal FF rates swung 22%  rom 4.75 to 4.25 lower bound


 **CURRENCY MARKETS HEADWINDS – 26:35-28:28  USD strength, but not catastrophic like ’08, the carry trade is alive and think money is coming here, and into our real estate, bond, and stock markets. 


**INTERMAKET OVERLAY – 28:28 – 31:53-** Overlaying fixed income, US dollar, and S&P futures.  Fixed income and FX not confirming S&P’s lower-lows.


**PORTFOLIO ADJUSTMENTS – 31:53 – 39:30-Asymmetric risk / reward, hedged positions and treasuries, sector adjustments, stocks we added and stocks we cut. Option hedge for clients only as well as full portfolio breakdowns in your emails…




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